About ElePress


Elepress Lets the Minds of Our Children Loose... And it's the Start of Something Big!

Elepress was created because two moms believed that our kids needed an afterschool activity that exercised their minds.  Our goal is to nurture their expression and creativity.  We provide a fun, team building environment to unleash the voices and talents of our children.

Whether your child is interested in art, writing, photography, creative thinking, or just being part of a team whose voice is heard in our school community, your child will find a place to grow with Elepress' afterschool publishing club.

At the end of every 6 week session, we will produce a school and community newspaper that is created by our kids!  Everyone that is part of our school's family of educators and students will receive our newspaper, and we are sure that the entire school community will look forward reading every page.

 After a very successful first year with our program, we are expanding to the addition of a comic book club and supporting our school PTA by creating and distributing spirit wear, with proceeds going right back into the school and, in turn, the kids.    We really believe in supporting our kids and giving them opportunities to express themselves and grow their talents,  if you would like to bring Ele Press to your school in the DC area, please contact us at: ele.press.info@gmail.com